Why ‘Historia Mundi’

Historia Mundi is a blog about…you guessed it! History.

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Why History?

The problem with history nowadays is that people are generally losing interest. That is not a blanket statement based on fact or statistics, but from personal experience. A lot of the time when people ask me about my interest in history, they say ‘why history?’ or ‘why classics?’. It is asked with genuine confusion a lot of the time, and is normally followed by the “but why would you want to learn about some dude that died ages ago” or “whats the point in learning about some dude that died ages ago.” For some reason my repetitive “because history is fascinating and Julius Caesar was cool” is not enough to satisfy the customers. Following initial confusion as to why I would want to delve into the mists of time, the questions regarding my future inevitably follow. The “what are you going to do with that” or the “where exactly will your degree in Classics lead.” The answer to that is, well, here!

Yes writing an unpaid blog was not in my original life plan!

But have you ever wondered about a certain historical event? Ever watched a period drama and wished you knew more about that period of history? Ever wondered what exactly history students do?! Well my friends, this is where Historia Mundi comes into play.

This is a blog which will answer those questions, and hopefully provide some interesting facts in a lighthearted and accesible way. This blog will not use gargantuanaly academic langauge, or make you feel like you are going round in circles trying to figure out a sentence. This is a blog for everyone and I hope that through this blog that I can share my love of history and hopefully ignite a similar interest and passion in others.

I hope you stick around for the journey!

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