Historia Hiatus; No More!

Hello everyone, it is official, I’m back and the ‘Historia Hiatus’ as I like to call it, is over! As I have said over on Instagram, this hiatus has lasted a lot longer than anticipated- it was only meant to be a week! But since then, lots of things have happened which meant that Historia Mundis and blogging, sadly, had to take a back seat for a while. So what caused this hiatus? Read below for an insight into the madness of the last six weeks and what you can expect now I am back to blogging.

So, shortly after I decided I would take a week off blogging, the unexpected happened. Our family home, which has been on the market for a long time, finally sold – in a pandemic – and what is more, it was going to be a quick job, not months of sitting around but a quick sale. Just like that, life as we all knew it was thrown into the air and the manic packing began. So basically for the last six weeks, all we have been doing is packing box, after box, after box. And let me tell you, packing 23 years worth of stuff into boxes, takes its sweet time, if anyone reading this has ever moved house before, you will know the stress involved.

I was particularly sad as this was the only home I have ever really known. Of course I have lived elsewhere when living at university and when I was lucky enough to call Gozo home for a little while, but I had always come back to this house and couldn’t fathom that we were finally selling it. It has been a house full of joy, happiness and love for everyone who walked through the front door over the last 23 years and so it took me a while to come to terms with parting with it. However, slowly but surely the home that I had known became a storage facility as the rooms were filled with boxes and the comfort and coziness slowly dwindled with each day.

Some say a house is just a that, a house, that a house is just bricks and mortar and in one sense they are right but I have found that it is what a house comes to represent that makes the parting that much more bittersweet. The Paddock will always be a part of my personal history and for that I am eternally grateful. So, long story short, it has been a stressful and emotional six weeks so that is basically why I haven’t been posting; the one week break turned into a much lengthier hiatus for which I am sorry!

However, now we have moved out, I will back to posting articles about all things historical, starting with resuming my series about the gruesome deaths of female martyrs – cheerful I know. I will also get back to posting my gaming articles and a lot more so watch this space!

Thanks for reading if you got this far, I know this is a far cry from my usual posts in which I offer 0 insight into my life! And thanks again for sticking with me and my Historia Hiatus.

As always, happy history folks!

G x

P.S Picture is of the Gatehouse at Easby Abbey!

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