Five reasons why Middleham Castle and the Yorkshire Dales are a must see!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d have a quick break in between writing about Plantagenet drama and tell you about Middleham Castle, the surrounding area and why it should be the next on your list of places to visit! Read on to find out more!

1. The castle itself is absolutely stunning.

It’s a real fortress with huge stone walls which dominate the surrounding landscape and historic town of Middleham. As you walk through the ruins you can feel it’s history and you can almost hear and feel 15th Century life when the castle was at its height! If you need proof just look at the photos below!

Photo taken by me!
Picture taken by me!
Wall of Middleham Castle; photo taken by me!

2. The surrounding countryside is beautiful.

North Yorkshire is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the United Kingdom with its green rolling hills dotted with ancient castles and abbeys. The Yorkshire Dales are a must if you’re a fan of walking and just spending time in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. If the castle itself isn’t enough for you- the North Yorkshire countryside should be!

View from Middleham Castle- taken by me
View from Jervaulx Abbey, taken by me!
View from the Forbidden Corner taken by me

3. The Yorkshire Dales is full of old abbeys destroyed in the Reformation.

Near to Middleham Castle is the beautiful Jervaulx Abbey. Nestled in the Yorkshire Dales amongst woodland it is an abbey often overlooked in favour of Abbeys such as Rievaulx and Fountains. If you want to go off the beaten track for a tranquil afternoon, Jervaulx Abbey at sunset – or any time of day- is a must.

Jervaulx Abbey, taken by me!
Jervaulx Abbey- taken by me!
Jervaulx Abbey, taken by me!

4. The Forbidden Corner

Just minutes away from the history of Middleham Castle is a wonderfully magical place called the Forbidden Corner. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s one of Yorkshire’s most unique attractions with sprawling gardens, underground tunnels and mystery at every turn! It’s a must see as a break from all the history!

See if you can find this in the Forbidden Corner!

5. Finally the people and the pubs!

North Yorkshire is an exceptionally friendly place (yes I am probably a little biased) but people here tend to welcome you with open arms. Not only are we super friendly but we also have a great selection of pubs so after a long day, wind down with great food, company and if you fancy- great beer!

Happy history everyone and have a great weekend!

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